Тръбни въжета


Tubular lanyards are made from a tubular polyester material, shoelace like, different texture from flat lanyards. If you are looking for different lanyards from standard flat style, tubular one is a great option that is inexpensive and stylish. Create your own and choose from various attachments such as hooks, key rings or clips; badge holders; and safety and buckle releases to fit for different uses.

JIAN’s low cost tubular lanyard with good quality makes it one of the popular lanyards. Your designs are applied to the tubular lanyard through the latest silkscreen printing, which allows us to reproduce any style of your custom logo or text. What’s more, the tube-stitched polyester material offers comfortable softness. Contact JIAN to create your own lanyard now!


● Материал: полиестер.

● Размер: Ширината варира от 1 см (3/8") до 2 см (3/4") като редовна, дължина в рамките на 100 см (39").

● Цвят: 20 склад материал цвят за полиестер ремък, обичай боя на pantone цвят.

● Лого: Silkscreen отпечатани.

● Аксесоари за ремък: Метална кука, предпазна катарама, макара за значка, държач за карта, държач за бутилки, отварачка за бутилки и др.

● Опаковка: 10pcs / Poly чанта, или по желание на клиента.