Военни значки

As a professional manufacturer with experience since 1984, JIAN produces many kinds of special & fine military badges with various materials &processes to fulfill different demands from different clients.

We have huge capacity to make military badge, which are for many country’s Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. You can customize whatever you need in one place including CSIBs, Branch Insignia, Skill and Occupation Badges.

The Military Badges can be made by stamping, photo etching or casting. For 3D sophisticated designs, we shall use CNC machine to create production arts and moulds to get same effect as your original requests.


● Логото може да бъде 2D или 3D, повдигнато или вдлъбнато според вашите изисквания.

● Наличен материал: бронз, мед, желязо, цинкова сплав, пютър, алуминий.

● Размер: Може да бъде персонализиран според вашите изисквания или дори голям размер

● Цвят: Твърд емайл (cloisonne), мек емайл или печат според съществуващите цветове на диаграмата и PMS книга

●  Plating: Gold/ silver/ cooper/ bronze/ white nickel/ brass fake gold/ satin gold/ satin silver/ satin nickel/ black nickel/ dyeing black/ gun color/ antique gold/ antique silver/ antique bronze/ antique copper/ foggy painting gold or two & tri-tone plating

● Attachment: Regular spur nail & butterfly clutch, fusion nail & USA Ballou clutch, USA Ballou 3-part or 4-part safety pin.

● Опаковка: индивидуално опаковане или по желание на клиента.