Персонализирани бижута Paracord

Paracord is a versatile craft material that can be knotting and braiding to create durable yet pretty paracord jewelry and accessories, such as paracord necklace, paracord bracelet, braided earring, knot pendant etc., some unusual items, raising your style quotient. These kits are great for club activities and popular among youth groups.

You can choose numerous of styles and variety of different ways to make your paracord jewelry from JIAN factory, and many fashion elements like colorful beads/metal charms with your logo/buckles can be adding to these jewelries to make them nicer and outstanding.


● Material: Paracord, Braiding rope

● Дизайн: Налични са персонализирани дизайни, форми, цветове и размери.

● Цвят: PMS съвпадение

● Приставка: Избор на вариететен аксесоар.

● Опаковка: 1pc / поли чанта, кадифе чанта, подарък кутия опаковки са на разположение или според изискванията на клиента.

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